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I'm Cynthia, I'm 20 and live in Durham. I'm finding it quite hard to find people in my general area with the same interests as me.

I basically would just love to meet people to just hang out and have a good time with. I especially would like to meet people interested in taking mini-roadtrips to shows and concerts, I can't drive and its a pain in the ass.

I especially am interested in going to the My Chemical Romance / Muse concert in April in Charlotte.

If you really want to know anymore about me, please visit my Myspace, or my user info.

Feel free to IM me on AIM, my SN is kreepercamikaze.


i have a couple questions pertaining to the general "scene" in north carolina. if this is inappropriate here, i apologize. i am moving to north carolina from denver in a few months. and in doing my research on where i wanna live, i have to take into account what the individual cities are like. from what i have observed, it seems like when bands go through north carolina there really is no telling what city they will be playing in. unlike north carolina, denver is pretty much the only big city in colorado and the bands always play here, so i never have to worry about missing a show. i guess i would just like some advice on what would be the best city to look into moving to as far as that goes, and is there a big hardcore scene in north carolina? if so, what's it like? i'm so used to denver people, and i really do believe that each city has its own attitude and denver's attitude is just not for me anymore. i dont know if that makes any sense. again, sorry if this is an inappropriate post.

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i'm looking for undying's cd "this day all gods die"
can anybody hook me up with a burned copy?
or...does anybody has a copy for sale?
for those of you looking to trade, i have laurelei's cd from a few years ago.


We're having our third Haircut Party up in Ashville NC in April and we need girls to buzz and shave their heads for kids with cancer. It all goes to help find cures for kids with cancer.. Please send us an email for info. Thanks

Record Stores

Does anybody can tell me where I can get some old hardcore/punk records in Charlotte? I also would like to know the places where I can see some hardcore shows. I´m going to live in the city from August to December and don´t know anything about it.

Actually, visit my band´s site:
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